Fowler Pear Tree

  150-year-old Fowler Pear Tree holding her own 

  • Mukilteo Way Garden Club Fowler Pear Tree Park Volunteer Chair,  Shirley Hoffart reported that the formal "pro bono"  tree assessment by Tree Solutions, Inc, Seattle  has been received, stating the tree is in good shape for now, but needs monitoring, doesn't need to be  pruned at this time, but needs more aeration around the base of the tree.  Experts advised that the ground  around the tree base be manually aerated, and to avoid plantings under the tree. 
  • Mukilteo Way Garden Club volunteers under Shirley's direction, will keep mulch and soil away from the tree bark.  Copies of the report will be given to the Mukilteo Parks Board, the City of Mukilteo Mayor and the Mukilteo Historical Society.
  • Mukilteo Way Garden Club Volunteers weed, trim, mulch, and plant flowers and shrubs in the Fowler Pear Tree Park, off of Park and 3rd Streets.
  • The City of Mukilteo maintains the overall groundskeeping of the park, including care of the Fowler Pear Tree.


Three pear tree saplings that are genetically identical to the Fowler Pear Tree were planted Oct. 23 in Mukilteo.